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Coping Strategies

Everyone experiences "fishy feelings" from time to time. Here are some strategies that are featured in the book to help manage these feelings. These are great for both kids and adults!

Bubble Breathing

First, find a comfy spot to sit or stand. Imagine you have a magic bubble wand, and with each breath, you'll blow magical bubbles. Take a deep breath in through your nose, like you're smelling your favorite flower, and then slowly blow the air out through your mouth, pretending to blow those magical bubbles.


Watch them float away and disappear into the sea. Keep doing this, taking slow, deep breaths, and pretend you're a bubble-blowing champion! You'll see that as you blow those imaginary bubbles, your worries and anxiety will float away too, leaving you feeling calm and relaxed.


So whenever you feel anxious, remember to take a moment, be a bubble-blowing expert, and let those worries float away!


Counting Fingers

Find a comfy spot to sit down, take a deep breath in through your nose, and as you breathe out through your mouth, let's count your fingers one by one.


Start with your thumb – one, then your pointer finger – two, and so on until you reach five.


Now, count them backward from five to one. Repeat until your worries disappear!

Feeling your Feet

Take a deep breath and gently shift your focus to your feet inside your shoes.


Wiggle your toes and feel the ground beneath you. Imagine your feet are like roots, connecting you to the earth.


As you breathe in and out, pay attention to how your feet feel inside your shoes. Remember, whenever you're feeling anxious, take a step back, feel your feet, and let your worries melt away. 

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