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The Goal

While upwards of 20% of children will experience anxiety, most of them do not have sufficient access to tools and resources to help them navigate their feelings.   My goal for "Frankie's Fishy Feelings" is to create a book that is also a coping tool, by engineering coping mechanisms into the experience of reading it.  And then to get this book into the hands of as many kids as possible who could benefit from it. 


The book will be available in English and Spanish, and I want to get it into every elementary school library in the country, starting with those that are most underfunded.   


You can help in three ways.  

1.  Buy a book.  Share the story with your loved ones!

2.  Make a donation.  All dollars will go directly towards supporting getting my book in schools. 

3.  Request a book.  Share a school where a book would be helpful, and I will do my very best to get it to them. 


I was very lucky to have resources and support to help me with my anxiety journey.  I really appreciate your help in spreading that support to more kids! 

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